Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Our film attempts to describe the relationships between a Black women a white women. While doing so, we have no intention to generalize this particular dynamic, but to rather give attention to our own experiences. With that said, we have to consider that there is real truth to the power struggle, racism, and uneven load of labor between Black women and white women given our collective history within the white supremacist patriarchy.

Photo by Sherrie Nickol

In order to give our film more perspective we brought in, Monica Nyenkan- an arts administrator and prison abolition activist- to research the historical relationships between Black and white women and be a consultant for the film.

We decided to share her findings here. The glossary and resource list below served as information that we used during the making of the dance and film. We hope you enjoy!

Racial Equity Glossary

Racial Equity Resource List

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